LAGUTE EK-1 Pocket Waterproof Military Multifunction Metal Compass (Camouflage)

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This military style lensatic marching compass easily folds to fit in your pocket. The compass is highly accurate and features a liquid-damped compass card with a luminescent letters on pointers, and a standard bezel with two yellow lines at 45 degree angles. The compass card has both the standard 0 - 360 degree scale, as well as the 0 - 64 Mile scale (one yard at 1,000 yards). The bezel rotates with detents every 3 degrees so you can change the heading reference a known amount without looking at the compass. The front sight has a magnifier to simultaneously view the magnetic heading when taking a sight. A second magnifier assists in reading the magnetic heading when direct viewing from above. When unfolded flat, the marching compass has a straight edge with a standard 1:25,000 map scale. This compass is protected by a durable cast metal case painted dark green military drab.


* Color: Camouflage
* Size: length x width 124x58 mm
* The dial diameter: 46 mm
* Waterproof: Yes
* Material: metal, glass
* Weight: 106 g
* Accuracy: <= 1
* Luminous: Yes
* Shake-proof: Yes
* Carrying type: Handheld
* Display: Compass type

Package List:

1 x Compass
1 x Manual

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