New Mini 30x60 Day Night Vision Zoom Binoculars Telescope 126m to 1000m Folding

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A magnification of factor 30x means the Binoculars produces an image as if one were 30 times closer to the object. Many People just pursue a higher magnification because of a thought the higher magnification is the clearer of sight. This view is actually incorrect. Many manufacturers mark a higher magnification on the product in order to cater for this thought of customer. So there is "30x60" mark on our item, but they are not really 30x60, they are in fact about 7x60. Other Binoculars marked with "30x60" also will not real. Because Military use is just 5x to 7x, General use will be lower than Military use. Here are some of the information from Wikipedia:
Brand new and high quality.
Fully coated optics for incresed brightness.
Instafocus lever for rapid focusing.
Ideal for bird watching, walking, climbing, boating, travel, as well as other outdoor recreations.
7 x 60 Binoculars (please see Note below)
126M/1000M, Field 7.2°.
Color: black.
Eye lens: 23mm.
Fold size: 9cm x 6cm x 4cm.
Open size: 9cm x 10cm x 4cm.

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