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The Hampton Nautical Solid Brass Military Compass is a true gem for any engineer. The compass card has the standard 0 - 360 degree scale, as well as the 0 - 64 Mil scale (one yard at 1,000 yards). The cardinal points are luminous for easy viewing in the dark, and the compass features a standard glass bezel with two lines at 45-degree angles. The bezel also rotates with detents so you can change the heading reference a known amount without looking at the compass.The front sight has a magnifier to simultaneously view the magnetic heading when taking a sight. Folding the sight down operates a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass bearing. On the side of the compass is a needle freeze mechanism to hold a reading. The lid of the compass has a glass window with a line etched into the glass for use as a rear sight. The outside of the compass has a brass guard to protect the glass.The back of the compass can be custom engraved. This is available with a minimum quantity purchase. Polished brass housing for compass Luminous face cardinal points glow in the dark Rotating dial with detents for taking accurate bearings Dual scales marked 0-360 degrees and 0-64 mils Needle lift automatically operates to protect bearing Lensatic site for precise readings Custom engraving available on large quantity orders (call us for information)

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