1.5"LCD GPS Tracker Wrist Watch GSM GPRS Surveillance Spy Tracking

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1, real-time GPS monitoring positioning, real-time tracking (SMS / GPRS / TCP / UDP)
SOS emergency call function can exhale three numbers can arbitrarily call number as the use of mobile phones.
3, MP3, MP4 playback capabilities, e-books, camera Photo
4, digital photo frame function
5 alarm clock function, a timely reminder
6, monitoring of real-time GPS positioning to support a single positioning and continuous tracking
7, holders via SMS positioning, without on the platform to know the position of ward
8, accurate to seconds of real-time trajectory tracking
9, support SMS / PC website, text messages and the Internet to check the location information, Google plane and satellite maps.
10, an emergency alarm / alarm hand / electronic fence / low alarm, the historical track record, playback
11, remote monitoring, high sensitivity microphone, you can listen does not bother tracking the cases, real-time tracking
The circumference of a small fine style strap adjustable range suitable for most adults and children to wear.
12, the scope of application:

A, for children, the elderly, pet care B, personal security, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts C, Field Personnel Management D, car rental, small fleet management F wild adventure travel G, Criminal Investigation criminals tracking


Please read this paragraph instructions before using this product:

1.SIM card is a GSM network standard card with GPRS function
2.SIM card has sufficient credit and is not set password (PIN1)
3.Make sure the SIM card is not full
4.Check if the SIM card opened the Caller ID function

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