Extech SD500 Humidity and Temperature Datalogger

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Use these digital data loggers to monitor food, chemical, drug, and equipment storage areas, cleanrooms, incubators, and more! The easy-to-read LCD allows you to view current readings while recording. Set the flexible data logging interval to collect sample data from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Data logging software stamps and stores date/time readings on an SD card in an ExcelŽ format for easy transfer to a PC. These data loggers can be programmed to set-off alarms at preset values providing warning when critical enviromental factors pose jeopardy to processes, goods, or people. The compact rugged design allows you to place these data loggers just about anywhere. Model 70001-31 simultaneously measures temperature and relative humidity readings and displays both via a dual-line LCD display. SD Card allows you to remove past data from unit and analyze while monitoring simultaneously

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