Ambient Weather HP816A Handheld Wind Meter with Temperature

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Wind Speed
Max Average Wind Speed Since Power On
Beaufort Scale Bar Graph (0-12)
Temp (°F or °C)
Backlight with Auto Off
Battery Saving Auto Off
Neck Band Included for Easy Carrying
Displays current wind speed
Displays Maximum and Average wind speeds since last power-on
User can select Knots, meters/sec, miles/hour or km/hour
Bar graph displays Beaufort scale (0-12)
Displays current temperature
User can select F or C
Backlit Display with auto-off feature
Battery saving auto-off (entire unit)
Includes lanyard for ease of carrying
Battery: 1 - CR2032 watch type battery (included)
Dimensions: 4.4" x 1.57" x 0.59"
0-65 mph
0.2 mph resolution
5% accuracy
Update Rate: 0.5 seconds
14 to 113 degF
Resolution: 0.4 degF
3.6 degF accuracy

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