HABA Terra Kids Binoculars

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Explore, Adventure, and See the Outdoors Like Never Before. Perfect Kid's Binoculars for Hiking, Camping, Bird Watching, Astronomy, Hunting, and More. Get the Best View at All Sports Games. Explore, observe, watch, and be amazed with the world when you look through the powerful 4x30 lens of the Haba Terra Kids Binoculars. HABA's uniquely designed binocular makes it easy for kids to observe. It features 4x magnification, rubberized lens guard bumpers, soft and adjustable eye-piece spacing and break-free neck strap. They also come with hand grips and a focus knob for easy holding and an improved viewing experience. Made for kids, these binoculars sit comfortably even in small hands and are easy to carry around.

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