Oregon Scientific EB833 Altimeter/Barometer with Weather Forecaster and Clock/Ca...

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This Handheld Multi-function device is designed to be durable, constructed for your rugged outdoor use. An altimeter, this unit will measure and display current altitude readings, changes between two elevations, and maximum and minimum altitudes. It stores data and can indicate changes for a 12-hour period or calculates the total accumulation of elevation ascents. In addition, the user can set an altitude alarm that will activate when specified elevations are reached. As a barometer, it measures and displays current pressure readings, and provides a barometric history and a bar graph showing barometric changes over a 12-hour period. As a weather forecast device, it uses barometric information to make forecasts as sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy, and rainy. It also has a built in thermometer. As a timepiece, this unit functions as a clock/calender, daily alarm, and count-up timer.

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